Responsive Web Designing

This is an era of websites and smartphone. With the birth of smartphones and tablets the world of web designing has changed in a good manner. A website only consider good if it work even beter on smartphones. Idea of making websites compatible with smartphone system has started an interesting story of Responsive Web Desgining.


Responsive design make site look and work even better on mobile phones, tablets, desktop, iPad etc. Visual media has come up with new skilled approach to responsive website designing and development.
Our skilled designers and professionals are mentor of the students and teach them all aspects of responsive web design using simple, interactive and comfortable language. Responsive design is a technique of website design to automatically detect the screen size of the object and adjust display and content of website according to that.

  • SetUp Meta Tags and Fix Errors
  • Use Retina Graphics or High-Resolution Images
  • Working with CSS3 Gradients
  • Custom Fonts
  • Vertically or Horizontally Scrollable Options
  • Mobile-Friendly Responsive Navigation
  • BJive Factory
  • Bootstrap Grid

Responsive Web Designing

  • Web Fundamental & Graphics

    • Principles of Web Design
    • Designing & Planning Web Pages
    • Designing Web Buttons & Icons | Creating Web Templates
    • Web Colors, Typography | Browsers & design Limitations
    • Compression Techniques | Good vs Bad Website
    • Web File Formats
    • Online Advertising | Pop-ups
    Softwares UsedAdobe Photoshop Corel Draw
  • Multimedia & Web Interactivity

    • Timeline Based Animation
    • Using Actions Scripts | Synchronizing Sounds in Animation
    • Synchronizing Sounds in Animation
    • Designing Interactive Banners & Web | Ads
    • Publishing Files for web Ads
    • Embedding & streaming Videos | Using Components
    • Sound Editing | Video Editing
    Softwares UsedAdobe Flash Adobe PremiereEyeon Fusion or After EffectsSony Sound Forge
  • Productivity & Web Site Management

    • Site Architecture | Navigation System
    • Tips for Fast Loading Web Sites | CMS Applicationsn
    • Web Management | Launching a Web Site
    • Integration & Testing | Designing Site Maps
    • Search Engine Optimization Basic | On Page Optimization
    • Keyword Research Analyses | Introduction to Web 3.0
    • Portfolio Development
    Softwares UsedHTML 4 & 5 XML Basics xHTML CSS 2 & 3 Adobe Dream Weaver Ace FTPDomain Name
  • Responsive Designing Technologies ( This Module Available In 8 Months Course )

    • Media Queries
    • css 3 Animations
    • PHP Fundamentals
    • Bootstrap css
    • WordPress theme Integration
    • WordPress Customization
    • Responsive Landing Pages
    • Certificate Will be provided on behalf of live project submitted by students


  • Layout Artist
  • Image Editor
  • Template Artist
  • Web Designer
  • Online Content Designer
  • Presentation Artist
  • Intro Designer
  • Visualiser
  • Graphic Designer