Solidworks Training

Solidworks Training in Chandigarh


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  • Course Content Duration: 6 Weeks

      • Introduction

        • Parametric / Feature based Modelling Concept (Parent-child relations and Associativity)
        • Supported file formats (open / Import & save / export)
        • Starting CATIA Customization of workbench & entering a workbench
        • General commands (new file, open, save, save as, close) & keyboard shortcuts
      • Sketcher

        • Entering the Sketcher workbench
        • Toolbars – Workbench, Standard, Sketch tools , Profile, Operation, Constraint , View , Properties
        • Extra toolbars like Visualization, Select, User selection Filter
        • Customization & options
      • Part Design

        • Common toolbars like standard, view, workbench, select
        • Sketcher toolbar
        • Sketch-based features (Pads, Pockets, Shaft, Groove, Hole, Rib, Slot, Solid Combine Solid)
        • Dress-up features (Fillets, Chamfer, Drafts, Shell, Thickness, Thread/Tap, Remove Face)
        • Transformation features (Translation, Rotation, Symmetry, Mirror, Patterns, Scaling)
      • Wireframe & Surface Design

        • Wireframe toolbar (Points, Lines, Planes, Projection,)
        • Surfaces toolbar (Extrude, Revolve, Sphere, Cylinder, Offset, Sweep, Fill, Multi-section, Blend) Operations toolbar
        • (Join, Disassemble, Heal, Split, Trim, Boundary, Extract, Extrapolate, Transformation)
        • Surface & solids interaction Part Design
        • Surface-Based Features Toolbar
      • Assembly

        • Top-down & Bottom-up assembly design approach.
        • Common toolbars
        • Constraints
        • Assembly features
        • Measure.
        • Drafting

          • Page setup & customization Layout & templates
          • Geometry creation & modification, Tools Generating views & Generate BOM,
          • Generate dimension Dress-up Dimensioning Annotations