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PHP Training in Chandigarh – Visual Academy provide the Best .Net . PHP training institute in Chandigarh delivers high end .Net training 6 weeks, 6 Months classes in Chandigarh. Note: you can meet your trainer, get demo class before joining the Course.

Best .Net Courses in Chandigarh

Visual Media .Net Training Institute in Chandigarh highly experienced team offers you cost-effective and top quality .Net solutions.


  • Overview about Course, IT Industry, job roles in IT.
    Basics of Programming , SDLC
  • Algorithms overivew, OOPS concepts
  • Database – RDBMS concepts
  • HTML, CSS, JS, web programming basics
  • Small Application on HTML, JS and CSS

.NET framework basics

  • .NET framework overview, .NET Architecture
  • CLR, IL, MSIL, Assembly
  • Visual Studio installation and overview
  • Visual Studio IDE Overview, Application development in .NET,
    Various types of applications in .NET

C# and VB.NET Fundamentals

  • Basics of C# and VB.NET – Language features, Keywords,
    Identifiers, Basic Data types, Operators, Looping, Arrays And Array List
  • Classes, Objects, Methods, Static, Inheritance
  • Destructors, Method Overloading, I/O
  • Small Application on Class Libraries and C#/ VB.NET


  • ASP.NET Overview – Creating web application in .NET basics
  • Running and debugging ASP.NET web application
  • HTML Controls in ASP.NET
  • Standard Controls in ASP.NET
  • Input Controls in ASP.NETs
  • Validation Controls in ASP.NET
  • Assignment Class
  • Login Controls in ASP.NET
  • State Management in ASP.NET
  • Assignment Class
  • ASP.NET Intrinsic Objects


  • Database and RDBMS overview. Creating sample DB. Operators and aggregate functions.
  • DDL Statements, DML Statements, DCL Statements
  • Assignment Class
  • Aggregate Function in SQL, Inbuild functions in SQL
  • Inbuild Functions in SQL
  • GroupBy, OrderBy, Having, SelectInto Clauses
  • Assignment Class
  • Joins, Subqueries and Correlated Subqueries
  • Normalization
  • ADO.NET basics
  • ADO.NET Providers and Consumers
  • ADO.NET objects overview – connection, command, reader, transaction
  • Sample application using ADO.NET providers and consumers
  • ASP.NET Data Bound Controls
  • Sample application using ADO.NET data bound controls

ASP.NET Advanced

  • Master Pages and Themes
  • Page Navigation
  • Caching
  • Assignment Class
  • Roles and Security
  • Globalization and Localization
  • Assignment Class

PHP Framework – Cake PHP

  • Cake PHP overview, download and installation
  • CakePHP folder structure
  • CakePHP conventions
  • CakePHP request cycle
  • MVC in Cake PHP
  • Controllers
  • Views
  • Models
  • Project in Cake PHP

Software Testing

  • Software Testing overivew, various types if testing
  • Manual testing concepts
  • Automation Testing concepts
  • Performance Testing concepts


  • SEO Overivew
  • SEO techniques
  • SEM, PPC details

Soft Skills

  • Presentation skills, team management
  • Client interaction skills
  • Group dicussion, Personality Improvement skills


  • PROJECT as per industry standard

Interview Prepration

  • Mock Interview

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Review for Fashion Designing
Excellent Education

I was under a 2 weeks training in visual media in the fashion cad deptt. I had a great experience and my mentor Miss. Parul Kaushal taught me 2 softwares very well. She trained me very nicely within 2 weeks . Great place to learn and enhance ur skills.

Review for Fashion Designing CAD
Fashion Designing CAD

My overall opinion is very positive. The students and professors are always friendly and always ready to help. The class sizes are smaller so the professor usually has time to talk one on one with students, if needed. The professors are also very skilled and experienced in their field of teaching. The students are excited and willing to learn.

Review for Fashion Designing
Great Education

Visual media academy is a great Fashion CAD institute for someone who wants to be in a environment with diverse, creative minds that can make your success much easier to accomplish.

Review for Fashion Designing
Best Institute for Fashion Designing

Being a creative person, visual media academy is of my kind . It’s solely for Creative Design Courses. I have chosen Fashion Designing

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