Autocad Training in Chandigarh

Autocad Training in Chandigarh: Autocad is used for 2D & 3D computer aided designing and drafting. Autocad is a software application developed by Autodesk founder John Walker. 3D tools and solid modelling is also included in currently used Autocad training program. Lines, polylines, circles, arcs, and text are used to construct more complex objects in CAD. Visual Media is providing Autocad training in Chandigarh from last 10 years and trained thousands of professionals.

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Autocad Training Institute in Chandigarh

Autocad is now used world level a range of different industries. Autocad is used for Drafting, detailing & modelling for mechanical, architectural & civil engineering. Autocad training program designed in conference with industry experts & professionals. Autocad training course explore the newest tools and techniques of the software wrap up covering all draw commands & options, editing, dimensioning, hatching and plotting techniques available at Autocad training institute in Chandigarh.

Autocad training Course Content Duration: 6 Weeks

Creating a Simple Drawing in Autocad

  • Getting Started with Autocad
  • Starting Autocad
  • Autocad’s Screen Layout
  • Opening an Existing Drawing File
  • Saving Work
  • Basic Drawing & Editing Commands
  • Drawing Lines, Circles, Erasing Objects
  • Drawing Lines with Polar Tracking
  • Undo and Redo

Making Your Drawings More Precise with Autocad

  • Drawing Precision in Autocad
  • Using Object Snap
  • Polar Tracking Settings
  • Drawing with SNAP and GRID
  • Making Changes in Your Drawing
  • Selecting Objects for Editing
  • Moving, Copying, Rotating, Scaling, Mirroring, Editing Object

Drawing Organization and Information about Autocad

  • Organizing Your Drawing with Layers
  • Creating New Drawings with Templates
  • What are Layers?
  • Changing an Object’s Layer
  • Advanced Object Types
  • Drawing Arcs
  • Drawing Polylines
  • Editing Polylines
  • Drawing Polygons
  • Drawing Ellipses
  • Getting Information from Your Drawing
  • Measuring Objects
  • Working with Properties

Creating More Complex Objects in Autocad

  • Advanced Editing Commands Trimming and Extending
  • Stretching, Fillets, Chamfers, Offsetting Object, Arrays Objects
  • Inserting Blocks What are Blocks?
  • Inserting Blocks from Tool Palettes
  • Preparing to Print
  • setting up a Layout
  • Printing Concept, Setting up Layouts
  • Printing Layouts, Printing a Plot
  • Text -Working with Annotations
  • Adding Text in a Drawing
  • Adding Dimensions -Dimensioning Concepts
  • Adding Linear Dimensions
  • Adding Radial and Angular Dimensions
  • Editing Dimensions
  • Adding Notes to Your Drawing

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Review for Fashion Designing
Excellent Education

I was under a 2 weeks training in visual media in the fashion cad deptt. I had a great experience and my mentor Miss. Parul Kaushal taught me 2 softwares very well. She trained me very nicely within 2 weeks . Great place to learn and enhance ur skills.

Review for Fashion Designing CAD
Fashion Designing CAD

My overall opinion is very positive. The students and professors are always friendly and always ready to help. The class sizes are smaller so the professor usually has time to talk one on one with students, if needed. The professors are also very skilled and experienced in their field of teaching. The students are excited and willing to learn.

Review for Fashion Designing
Great Education

Visual media academy is a great Fashion CAD institute for someone who wants to be in a environment with diverse, creative minds that can make your success much easier to accomplish.

Review for Fashion Designing
Best Institute for Fashion Designing

Being a creative person, visual media academy is of my kind . It’s solely for Creative Design Courses. I have chosen Fashion Designing

Best Autocad Training in Chandigarh

Autocad training classes contains updated latest tips and techniques tools regarding the software package cover the entire sketch & illustration, editing, hatching and dimensioning presented with advanced Autocad training in Chandigarh. Visual Media is only Institute which is offering high quality Autocad training in Chandigarh Sector-34 A. Visual Media is become a brand name for providing Autocad training in Chandigarh. It has trained many students and make them professional Autodesk expert. So, If you want to make your career in Autodesk sector, then join Visual Media for Top class Autocad training in Chandigarh.

Prerequisites to Join AutoCAD Expert Course

Our institute recommends the knowledge of basic dimensions of the related product or knowledge of related industry terminologies. If you have done any designing software earlier would be an added advantage for the training in AutoCAD Course.

Why Visual Media Institute is best for AutoCAD Training in Chandigarh?

Finding a best institute for AutoCAD Training in Chandigarh is very tough as there are many AutoCAD institutes who make fake promises. Visual Media is the only AutoCAD training Institute in Chandigarh which offers highly proficient and technical training in AutoCAD. This two months specialized course will make our students AutoCAD expert. Students will learn how to set up, create, and edit 2D drawings with the use of AutoCAD application and after becoming proficient with the basic techniques for creating and navigating a technical drawing; our mentor will disclose 3D capabilities of AutoCAD application.

Students will learn advance features and techniques like accurate drawing setup techniques, geometry creation, editing functions, display, printing and plotting techniques etc in AutoCAD Course.

Projects in AutoCAD after the Training of AutoCAD

Depends on the orientation of the program in which you have applied in our institute. As we have explained earlier that AutoCAD is being used by many professionals for various purposes. So, the possible projects can be conduct by us in AutoCAD are: Plan for a building, Multi-story plan, 3D Elevations etc.

Minimum System Requirements for AutoCAD Training

As per the guidance from our institute’s AutoCAD professionals your computer system should have at least one CD drive or Pen Drive port and a hard disk with 2GB or more of free space for the AutoCAD program files without which the AutoCAD training will be difficult. Make sure your resolution is set to 1024×768, higher your screen resolution, the more details you will be able to see in your drawings. Graphics card for 3D drawings is also recommended.

Why Join Us?:

Because we provide highly professional training in AutoCAD Course. Come and join our free of cost demo to feel the difference.

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