BSC in Fashion Designing

Fashion Designing in CAD is an innovative approach to pattern making ensure that you can create patterns for your own unique designs that will fit your shape or each of your individual customer’s size & shape. Computer design systems enable designer to illustrate and visualize their design both 2D & 3D. The program help you create an impressive portfolio of work that meets industry standards.

Our work as excellent mentor for the students



Course Content

 Semester : 1

  • Color Texture
  • Drafting Pattern Making
  • Introduction to Textile
  • Fashion Sketching
  • Computer Fundamentals
  • Communication Soft Skills, Practical

 Semester : 2

  • Drafting, Pattern Making and Construction
  • Fabric Studies
  • Traditional Indian Textiles
  • Fashion Illustration and Appreciation
  • Introduction to Computer Graphics
  • Practical (Portfolio Viva)

 Semester : 3

  • Construction Studies for innovative Garments
  • Fashion History
  • Textile Dyeing and Printing
  • Fashion Presentation
  • Advance Drafting and Draping
  • Computer Graphics for Fashion Designing

 Semester : 4

  • Fashion Theory
  • Advance Design Studies
  • Knitwear Design Technology
  • Pattern Drafting, Grading & Construction Studies
  • Computer Aided Fashion Designing-I
  • Industry Internship

 Semester : 5

  • Fashion Industry
  • Leather Technology
  • Marketing Fashion
  • Volume Production and Quality Control
  • Art Appreciation
  • Computer Aided Fashion Designing – II

 Semester : 6

  • Fashion Merchandising
  • Foreign Language (French)
  • International Marketing
  • Computer Application
  • Survey & Project
  • Entrepreneurship


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Review for Fashion Designing
Excellent Education

I was under a 2 weeks training in visual media in the fashion cad deptt. I had a great experience and my mentor Miss. Parul Kaushal taught me 2 softwares very well. She trained me very nicely within 2 weeks . Great place to learn and enhance ur skills.

Review for Fashion Designing CAD
Fashion Designing CAD

My overall opinion is very positive. The students and professors are always friendly and always ready to help. The class sizes are smaller so the professor usually has time to talk one on one with students, if needed. The professors are also very skilled and experienced in their field of teaching. The students are excited and willing to learn.

Review for Fashion Designing
Great Education

Visual media academy is a great Fashion CAD institute for someone who wants to be in a environment with diverse, creative minds that can make your success much easier to accomplish.

Review for Fashion Designing
Best Institute for Fashion Designing

Being a creative person, visual media academy is of my kind . It’s solely for Creative Design Courses. I have chosen Fashion Designing

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