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Solidworks Training in Chandigarh


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  • Course Content Duration: 6 Weeks

      • Introduction

        • Parametric / Feature based Modelling Concept (Parent-child relations and Associativity)
        • Supported file formats (open / Import & save / export)
        • Starting CATIA Customization of workbench & entering a workbench
        • General commands (new file, open, save, save as, close) & keyboard shortcuts
      • Sketcher

        • Entering the Sketcher workbench
        • Toolbars – Workbench, Standard, Sketch tools , Profile, Operation, Constraint , View , Properties
        • Extra toolbars like Visualization, Select, User selection Filter
        • Customization & options
      • Part Design

        • Common toolbars like standard, view, workbench, select
        • Sketcher toolbar
        • Sketch-based features (Pads, Pockets, Shaft, Groove, Hole, Rib, Slot, Solid Combine Solid)
        • Dress-up features (Fillets, Chamfer, Drafts, Shell, Thickness, Thread/Tap, Remove Face)
        • Transformation features (Translation, Rotation, Symmetry, Mirror, Patterns, Scaling)
      • Wireframe & Surface Design

        • Wireframe toolbar (Points, Lines, Planes, Projection,)
        • Surfaces toolbar (Extrude, Revolve, Sphere, Cylinder, Offset, Sweep, Fill, Multi-section, Blend) Operations toolbar
        • (Join, Disassemble, Heal, Split, Trim, Boundary, Extract, Extrapolate, Transformation)
        • Surface & solids interaction Part Design
        • Surface-Based Features Toolbar
      • Assembly

        • Top-down & Bottom-up assembly design approach.
        • Common toolbars
        • Constraints
        • Assembly features
        • Measure.
        • Drafting

          • Page setup & customization Layout & templates
          • Geometry creation & modification, Tools Generating views & Generate BOM,
          • Generate dimension Dress-up Dimensioning Annotations

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Excellent Education

I was under a 2 weeks training in visual media in the fashion cad deptt. I had a great experience and my mentor Miss. Parul Kaushal taught me 2 softwares very well. She trained me very nicely within 2 weeks . Great place to learn and enhance ur skills.

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Fashion Designing CAD

My overall opinion is very positive. The students and professors are always friendly and always ready to help. The class sizes are smaller so the professor usually has time to talk one on one with students, if needed. The professors are also very skilled and experienced in their field of teaching. The students are excited and willing to learn.

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Great Education

Visual media academy is a great Fashion CAD institute for someone who wants to be in a environment with diverse, creative minds that can make your success much easier to accomplish.

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Best Institute for Fashion Designing

Being a creative person, visual media academy is of my kind . It’s solely for Creative Design Courses. I have chosen Fashion Designing

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